Jim McCormick

Alice Maud Hartley

Alice Maud Hartley (1864-1908) is a tragic figure in the annals of Nevada art. She was born in England, and arrived in Reno in 1892. It was then that her life became entangled with Nevada state senator Murray D. Foley. On July 26, 1894, following a tense argument, she fatally shot the senator. A high-profile trial ensued, and the artist was sent to the Nevada State Prison where she made modest sketches of sights around the prison grounds.

Yolande Jacobson Sheppard

Yolande Jacobson Sheppard (1921-1998) often worked in the shadow of husband/painter and University of Nevada, Reno, art professor, Craig Sheppard (1913-1978). Born in 1921, she received a degree in art from the University of Oklahoma at Norman. She arrived in Nevada in 1947, and over the next fifty years, created an impressive number of ceramic and bronze portraits of notable Nevadans, including a statue of Nevada U.S. Senator Pat McCarran.

Zoray Andrus

Zoray Andrus is often identified with the artistic fortunes of Virginia City. A native of Alameda, California, she attended California College of Arts and Crafts in Oakland, and studied with a number of influential artists including Hans Hoffman at the University of California–Berkeley. Andrus arrived on the Comstock in 1935.


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