Elwood Decker

Places: Lyon County, Northern Nevada

Elwood Decker (1903-1992) arrived at Fort Churchill sixty-six years after it had been abandoned and all of its salvageable materials removed. Fort Churchill was a hastily constructed military post near the banks of the Carson River in western Nevada (then western Utah Territory), intended to... more

Elvis Impersonators

Places: Clark County, Las Vegas, Southern Nevada

Elvis Presley left the building more than thirty years ago, dying of heart problems linked to his massive intake of prescription medication, but The King remains a surprisingly enduring Las Vegas icon. His estate continues to earn millions every year, his home at Graceland in Memphis remains a top... more

Elmer Rusco

Places: Reno, Washoe County, Northern Nevada

Elmer Rusco sought to serve the people of Northern Nevada through both scholarship and community activism. As a scholar, he created a foundational body of work on the historical experience of ethnic minorities in Nevada. As an activist, he devoted himself to a number of social justice causes and... more

Elko Republican Club

Places: Elko, Elko County, Northern Nevada

The Elko Republican Club was an African American "literary and political" organization established by members of Elko's African American population in 1870s. As such, it reflects a sense of unity and optimism among members of this community.In the nineteenth and early twentieth... more

Elko County Courthouse

Places: Elko, Elko County, Northern Nevada

The Nevada legislature created Elko County in 1869, and chose the town of Elko as the county seat. Commissioners selected a site for their courthouse a block from the central business district. They hired Walter Moberly, the county surveyor, to design the courthouse, and granted a $17,444... more

Elko Basque Club

Places: Elko, Elko County, Northern Nevada

The Basque people have a long and unique history in the American West, and many of their traditions are maintained today by Basque clubs throughout the region. One of the oldest and most active is the Elko Basque Club. Founded in 1959, it has hosted the National Basque Festival since 1964.During... more


Places: Elko, Elko County, Northern Nevada

Soon after its founding in 1868, Elko became a critical distribution point for the Central Pacific Railroad in northeastern Nevada, and quickly established itself as the central business hub for desolate Elko County. By February 1869, the budding town supported a rough and rowdy population with... more

Elizabeth Brady

Places: Eureka County, Lander County, Northern Nevada

Elizabeth Brady was a connecting link between the past and the future for the Shoshone people of Nevada. Raised in a very traditional family in Battle Mountain and Beowawe and speaking only Shoshone until she went to school, Brady absorbed stories, songs, and skills in beadwork and willow basketry... more

El Rancho Vegas

Places: Clark County, Las Vegas, Southern Nevada

In Las Vegas in the late 1930s, when casino gambling was concentrated on Fremont Street downtown, a number of would-be casino developers speculated about the potential of building a casino resort outside of town on Highway 91, where increasing numbers of tourists were arriving from Los Angeles and... more

El Cortez Hotel-Casino

Places: Clark County, Las Vegas, Southern Nevada

[VR Morph by Howard Goldbaum.]When it opened in 1941, the El Cortez Hotel-Casino was considered the finest such establishment in downtown Las Vegas. It was the brainchild of Marion Hicks, who migrated to Las Vegas when authorities shut down Southern California's gambling operations.The $245,000... more

Egyptian Revival Style Architecture in Nevada

Places: Clark County, Storey County, Washoe County, Northern Nevada, Southern Nevada

Internationally, the first period of Egyptian Revival architecture sprang from Napoleon's Egyptian campaign of 1798-1799. During the early nineteenth century, there was widespread fascination with all things Egyptian. Motifs from that culture occasionally figured into building design, but the... more

Edwin E. Roberts

Places: Reno, Washoe County, Northern Nevada

Edwin E. Roberts came to Nevada in 1897 to attend the March 17 heavyweight prizefight between Bob Fitzsimmons and James Corbett, and he stayed. Born in Pleasant Grove, California, on December 12, 1869, Roberts graduated from California State Normal School in 1891 and worked for several years as a... more

Edwin Deakin

Edwin Deakin (1838-1923) was born in Sheffield, England, and immigrated to America in 1856. He lived in Chicago where, for a time, he earned his living painting commissioned portraits of Civil War heroes. In 1870, he moved west to San Francisco and established his home and studio. Deakin's... more

Edward W. Yates

Places: Reno, Washoe County, Northern Nevada

After accepting an offer to join the faculty of the Department of Art at the University of Nevada (UNR) in 1952, Edward W. Yates left his native Oklahoma and, for the next seventeen years, offered instruction in a variety of disciplines including sculpture, jewelry, and art history.One of Yates... more

Edward Von Tobel Lumber Company

Places: Clark County, Las Vegas, Southern Nevada

The Edward Von Tobel Lumber Company opened for business in 1905 and remained in operation until 1976, the longest lasting family business in Las Vegas history. It was founded by second-generation German Americans Edward Von Tobel Sr. (1873-1967) and his partner and boyhood friend Jake Beckley on... more

Eddie Brooks

Places: Elko County, Northern Nevada

Saddlemaker Eddie Brooks is a transplanted Texan whose roots have grown deep into the buckaroo country around Elko. Brooks started working with leather as a boy, apprenticed in the saddle making trade, and was working in a Texas shop in 1964 when he was hired to run the saddle shop at Capriola'... more

Eben Rhodes

The first man to hold the office of Nevada state treasurer may have been the most notorious. Accused of embezzling over $100,000 from the permanent school fund and other state accounts, Ebenezer "Eben" Rhodes died a mysterious death and set off a political firestorm that preoccupied state... more

Earthquakes in Dixie Valley

Places: Churchill County, Northern Nevada

East of Fallon, south of Highway 50, lies Fairview Peak where, at 3:08 a.m. on December 16, 1954, an earthquake measuring 7.3 magnitude not only shocked locals, but was widely felt in many of the western states. Slightly further east and just north of Highway 50, between the Stillwater Range and... more

Early Lumber Industry

Wood was essential to development in the nineteenth-century Great Basin. Unfortunately, forests were scarce, particularly when construction needed straight grained pines. Mines required wood for building, to fuel furnaces, and to assemble support systems underground.Beginning in the 1860s, booming... more

Dunes Hotel

Places: Clark County, Las Vegas, Southern Nevada

One of the venerated original properties associated with the Las Vegas Strip, the Dunes Hotel opened during a mid-1950s casino building boom, and soon became one of its casualties. Over the next four decades, the controversial Dunes would survive a succession of owners, allegations of hidden mob... more

Dr. James B. McMillan: Committed to Freedom

Places: Clark County, Las Vegas, Southern Nevada

A month after Dr. James B. McMillan's death on March 20, 1999, the Nevada legislature passed Assembly Concurrent Resolution No. 49 on April 23 with the fitting conclusion that "Dr. James B. McMillan will long be remembered for his commitment to the struggle for civil rights and racial... more

Douglas County Courthouse

Places: Douglas County, Northern Nevada

Created in 1861, Douglas County was named after failed presidential candidate Stephen A. Douglas, chairman of the Senate Committee of Territories at the time. The state legislature selected Genoa as the location for the county seat.Early accounts describe the county's first courthouse as a... more

Donald Worthington Reynolds

Donald W. Reynolds was one of Nevada's leading media moguls. Born in 1906 in Texas, he was raised in Oklahoma, where he started out by selling newspapers at the Oklahoma City railroad depot. He graduated from the University of Missouri School of Journalism in 1927 and worked for several... more

Donald W. Reynolds Foundation

Places: Clark County, Las Vegas, Southern Nevada

A Las Vegas-based foundation created in 1954 and built on a media empire has become one of the nation's leading philanthropic organizations.Donald W. Reynolds owned more than one hundred media outlets–print, broadcasting, and outdoor advertising–during his long publishing career,... more

Dixie Valley Geothermal Field

Places: Churchill County, Northern Nevada

The Dixie Valley Caithness plant is the largest single geothermal power generating facility in Nevada. It is located in the northern end of Dixie Valley about 100 km northeast of Fallon, Nevada.Unlike many other active geothermal areas, hot springs are not present at the site. Two main fumaroles,... more