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Lilly Fong

Businesswoman Lilly Fong was the first Asian American to serve on the Board of Regents for the Nevada System of Higher Education. She was an advocate for education during her fifty-two years in Las Vegas.

Lilly Ong Hing was born in Arizona on June 17, 1925. She attended Arizona State University and Woodbury College in Los Angeles, where she met future husband Wing Fong. After the couple married in 1950, they moved to Las Vegas, where Wing had grown up.

Helen Herr

Helen Kolb Herr made history as the first woman elected to the Nevada State Senate. She was also the second woman elected from Clark County to serve in the Nevada assembly. As a lawmaker, Herr sponsored legislation designed to protect the interests of women, reform Nevada's prisons, and expand medical care for the impoverished.

Hattie Canty

Hattie Canty rose from the ranks of Las Vegas' hotel maids to become president of the Las Vegas Culinary Worker's Union Local 226. With little formal education, she led the union throughout the 1990s, a period of explosive growth in Las Vegas that included the construction of several megaresorts and one of the longest worker strikes in United States history. Under Canty's leadership, Culinary 226 emerged as one of the largest unions in Southern Nevada, representing the tens of thousands of workers employed in the hospitality industry.

Florence Shilling McClure

Florence Shilling McClure earned the nickname, "Hurricane Flo" because of her strength and relentless advocacy for women and children in Nevada. McClure is a co-founder of the Las Vegas organization, Community Action Against Rape, and she has also worked to improve conditions for incarcerated women in the state.

Flora Dungan

Flora Turchinsky Dungan—social worker, accountant, university regent, and state legislator—brought the successful lawsuit that forced Nevada to reapportion its legislature and the governing board of its university system, giving Southern Nevada equal representation in state government.

Delphine Anderson Squires

Delphine Anderson Squires helped build the community of Las Vegas with her husband, Charles Pember "Pop" Squires. She was born in 1868 in Portage City, Wisconsin. As a child, Squires moved to Minnesota, where she met her future husband. She received a teaching degree in music from the state Normal School in Winona, Minnesota. The couple married in 1889, making their home in Redlands, California. They later moved to Los Angeles and had four children. C.P.

Bertha Ronzone

Bertha Bishop Ronzone presided over what was once the largest, privately-owned chain of department stores in Nevada. Born in Iowa on April 16, 1885, Bishop moved with her family to California when she was a child. In 1901, at age sixteen, she married Attilio "Ben" Ronzone, a gold prospector. The Ronzones relocated to Alaska where they spent two years. By 1903, the news of mineral strikes in Nevada reached the couple.

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