Mary Wammack

Beckley's Men's Clothing

Beckley’s Men’s Clothing, pictured here in 1915 at First and Fremont streets. Jake Beckley came to Las Vegas with his boyhood friend Jake Von Tobel and was a founding partner in the Ed Von Tobel Lumber Company.

Edward Von Tobel Lumber Company

The Edward Von Tobel Lumber Company opened for business in 1905 and remained in operation until 1976, the longest lasting family business in Las Vegas history. It was founded by second-generation German Americans Edward Von Tobel Sr. (1873-1967) and his partner and boyhood friend Jake Beckley on two twenty-five-foot lots on South Main Street.

Cyril S. Wengert

Cyril S. Wengert was a prominent banker, public utility manager, and civic leader who helped to turn Las Vegas from a town into a city. A second-generation German American, Wengert moved to Las Vegas with his family when he was seventeen, and began working for his father as an ice wagon driver in 1907.

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