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Stillwater Indian Reservation: Sewing and Quilting

The Baptist Indian Mission located on the Stillwater Indian Reservation near Fallon, Nevada, not only served as a church for Paiute tribal members, but also as a gathering place for many reservation social events, classes, and other activities (1911-1931). Baptist missionary women such as Lillian R. Corwin and Mary Brown offered classes on sewing and quilting to Paiute women and young girls.

Laura Ethel Mills

Educator Laura Ethel Mills left a lasting impression on those she taught, either in the classroom or on field trips to the deserts that she loved so much. An accomplished photographer and recognized authority in the field of natural history, Mills created permanent images of the diversity of life found in Nevada's Great Basin.

Walter A. Van Voorhis

Walter A. Van Voorhis came to the Fallon Paiute Reservation as government agent in January 1909, from Taholah, Washington, where he had served in that capacity on the Quinault Reservation. He was accompanied by his wife, Lillie, baby son Bruce, his mother-in-law Alice Simson, and newest arrival Wayne—born December 9, 1909.

Highway 50: LeBeau Graves

Approximately twenty-five miles east of Fallon, Nevada, U.S. Highway 50 crosses a barren, alkali-crusted, dry lake bed known as the Four Mile Flat. Along this windblown stretch of the Loneliest Highway in America, a hundred or so yards north toward the wavering dunes of Sand Mountain, is a small, weathered looking picket fence that surrounds a five-foot-square pile of rocks topped by a whitewashed wooden cross. Local folklore maintains this is either gravesite or a memorial.

Fallon Indian Day School

Churchill County, like other counties throughout the West, attempted to comply with federal mandates for Native American education in the early 1900s. Federal policy called for Native American children to be educated in English-speaking schools. The paternalistic goal was to assimilate Native American children into mainstream America. Proponents of the approach maintained that this would provide young American Indians with educational opportunities equal to those available to others.

Churchill County's Shoe Tree

For many decades, a seventy-foot-tall cottonwood tree, known by travelers and locals alike as the Shoe Tree, could be found at a dusty roadside pull-off, just beyond the old Pony Express stop at Middlegate Station. It was on the north side of U.S. Highway 50, approximately sixty miles east of Fallon. Shoe trees are scattered throughout the West and are the subject of local folklore, but none stood more majestically than this one on Highway 50.

Alpine, Churchill County

On the eastern slopes of the Clan Alpine Mountains in Churchill County, mining began in earnest as early as 1864. The Clan Alpine Mountain Range runs north to south. Its east facing slopes descend into Edwards Creek Valley and run parallel to U.S. Highway 50. Mining records indicate that several silver claims were filed in Florence Canyon and a "ten stamp" mill was built at the mouth of Cherry Creek.

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