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Oats Park Arts Center

The Oats Park Arts Center is a performing and visual arts venue in Fallon that hosts exhibitions by regional artists and presents concerts featuring an eclectic range of musical acts.

Nineteenth-Century Nevada Drama

In Nevada's nineteenth-century towns and mining camps, the demand for entertainment was almost entirely filled by traveling theatrical troupes. Thinly settled and distant from major population centers, the state took well over a century to develop the sort of sophisticated stage culture necessary to incubate its own professional playwrights and theater companies. During this period, few theatrical backers would risk a production by any American playwright, let alone an unknown local one, when audiences were likely to prefer a more fashionable foreign play.

nila northSun

nila northSun is a poet, photographer, social worker, tribal historian, community activist, eclectic artist, and grant writer. northSun was born in 1951 in Schurz, Nevada, to a Shoshone mother and Chippewa father. Raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, she returned to her reservation in Fallon, Nevada, to raise her family.

Nevada's Mob Movies

"Welcome Mob Bosses" read a Reno casino marquee for an entire day in 1997 and oddly enough, no one seemed to notice this proclamation that would never occur in real life—it was a gag for the spoof Mafia! filming in town that week. Movies, television, and history have forever linked Nevada and the mob in the public mind, so that audiences easily accept any plot element involving casinos run by organized crime.

Nevada's Award Winning Movies

While both the Academy Awards and Golden Globes have favored many projects set in Nevada with prizes and nominations, the state fares quite well with the Golden Raspberry Awards for worst achievements.

Nevada Women in Movies

Movies will tell you that much of what women do in Nevada involves work and marriage, but with the state's unique twist. When it comes to jobs, entertainment is a big field for women, with more singing and dancing opportunities than found in most states. Nevada is also the only state where women can work legally as prostitutes. And while marriage is common throughout the rest of the country, Nevada offers a strong lure with themed wedding chapels, originally flourishing because of less stringent license requirements.

Nevada Wilson

Nevada Wilson (1877-1961), a native of Elko, spent the first forty years of her life in Nevada, after which she settled in Los Angeles where she established a modest reputation as a painter of desert and mountain landscapes.

Nevada Travel Literature

Nevada travel literature offers an outsider's perspective of the state's geography, environment, and culture. It is the reportage and impressions of travelers whose journeys of choice or necessity have led them to the Great Basin and Nevada. The literature ranges from explorer and emigrant diaries to the avant-garde. As visitors, the writers attempt to express the "otherness" of the place, and often the central character or metaphor is the land.

Nevada Shakespeare Company

The Nevada Shakespeare Company produces humanities-based works for theater and film in northern Nevada, emphasizing the arts and education. Over the years, the company was best known for its innovative interpretations of Shakespeare and presenting new works with a social emphasis. Today, the company focuses on its Shakespeare in School program and produces two to three main-stage plays each year with local teen and professional actors.

Nevada Saddlery Since 1870

With the arrival of the transcontinental railroad in 1868, vast areas of natural pasture in the Great Basin became attractive to California stockmen. The spectacular growth of the cattle industry in the early 1870s resulted in an expansion of the market for "riders' outfits" to supply stockmen and vaqueros, the overwhelming majority of whom had come from California and carried that state's Hispanic equestrian tradition into the Great Basin.


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