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The site of modern-day Winnemucca has been important to Nevada since the first explorers traversed the region in the late 1820s. It later became a critical place for early settlers, and marked the point at which the immigrant trail headed south toward the Sierra Nevada passes. Winnemucca became a major distribution point for the Central Pacific Railroad, established itself as the center of commerce in north-central Nevada, and was the site of a major bank robbery that remains controversial to this day.

Aladdin Hotel

The Aladdin Hotel was the first major casino to open on the Las Vegas Strip in the 1960s, eight years after the area's 1950s boom period ended with the Stardust's debut in 1958.

Al Freeman

The 1950s and 1960s were the halcyon days of Las Vegas hotel publicists. Throughout those two decades, men like Herb McDonald, Harvey Diederich, Jim Seagrave, Eugene Murphy, and Abe Schiller successfully promoted Las Vegas.


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