Women in Nevada

Grace Melissa Dangberg: An Oral History

Grace Melissa Dangberg: A Contribution to a Survey of Life in Carson Valley from First Settlement through the 1950s

Interviewee: Grace Melissa Dangberg
Interviewed: 1984
Published: 1984
Interviewer: R. T. King
UNOHP Catalog #110

Albina Redner: An Oral History

Albina Redner: A Shoshone Life

Interviewee: Albina Redner
Interviewed: 1989-1990
Published: 1990
Interviewer: Helen Blue
UNOHP Catalog #153

Charlotte Hunter Arley

The year was 1947. Reno’s population was a mere 25,000, yet it boasted a total of 175 attorneys, many serving the wealthy eastern divorce trade. In this era of dude-ranch divorcees, only two other women besides Charlotte Hunter were practicing lawyers, Felice Cohen and Margaret Bailey.

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